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"we stood at the gateless gate
too drunk on love to hesitate
to the winds we cast our fate
and the remnants of our fear
we took a deep breath and we leapt
and we awoke as if we'd never slept
tears of gratitude we wept
we were welcome here

so bring your laughter and bring your tears
your busy lives and your careers
and bring the pain you carried for years
all is welcome here
freedom is not so far away
and there's only one price we have to pay
live our dreams 'til they fade away
and let them go"

On the 1st of December 2011, we left the comforts of home and embarked on a 13 month journey of self-discovery and giving back. Besides the wonderful encounters mother Gaia was to reveal to us, spunky people we were going to meet, we also wanted to give back as a family. Having been schooled and passionate in the conservation space, our focus became the recent scourge of rhino poaching.

The rhino is such a visual and real indicator of what we are doing to our earth. The plunder, selfishness and total lack of concern of the effect we are having on our world. This message of looking after and making every day count is what we wanted to pass on. A message of hope and making a difference to all we meet was critical.

We also wanted a long-lasting impact of what we were doing and promoting. We looked at the economics of rhino poaching and came across Lorinda and her team some years back. The Rhino Rescue Project is the best solution we know of to destroy the market for rhino horn forever.

We therefore made it our goal and objective to visit all viable rhino populations on our continent to tell and educate them about the Rhino Rescue Project. To make them aware that there is an alternative to fighting this cancer of rhino poaching. Protecting and monitoring rhino populations in the adversity of such rampant poaching can be depressing and soul destroying. We encountered some truly wonderful and passionate ambassadors working with our continents wildlife in wild spaces. This is our families stories and their's...

Our Journey from the Start

Who are we?

We are a family of 4, that traveled solo, no back-up
or support. We were at our continent's mercy,
she was hard and not always fair. Her beauty and
uniqueness though is unsurpassed. Marcelo and Celeste,
with our two children Danica (9) and my son Nicolai (6).

African earth is like no other. It gets between
your toes, & never washes off. The infusion into
our bloodstream leaves us wanting more,
continually... why?

African animals are different to others. Most are bigger.
The dullest & the most colourful. Ecosystems are
unique. We have the fiercest predators, & the
gentlest pollinators. What makes it all fit so perfectly,
let's find out.

Learn more about us

We need to discover why we are so compelled to do this journey of exploration. To teach, to learn, to grow, to imbibe the very essence of Africa. To make every thought, word & action count. To never look back & say that we never followed our dream.

We enjoy the less traveled tracks, we mean roads. We need to find the Ethiopian Wolf, Pels fishing owl, make sure that some Wildebeest migrate and check that Kilimanjaro still has snow.

This was our journey

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